Jean-Talon Chocolate

Jean-Talon Chocolate

Founded in Montreal in the early 1980's, Jean-Talon Chocolate originally specialized in the production of generic hollow chocolate Easter figurines in various weight categories.

In 1986, Jean-Talon Chocolate moved to its current location on Thimens Boulevard in Saint-Laurent (Montreal). Over the years, and following the acquisition by Regal Confections, Jean-Talon Chocolate has expanded and now occupies the entire building.

Today, Jean-Talon Chocolate manufactures a wide variety of seasonal chocolates, under its own brand (Jean-Talon Chocolate), private labels and licenses and sells its products throughout Canada and the United States. More precisely, the company manufactures advent calendars, chocolate balls, mini eggs, solid and hollow figurines, colored pops and figurines as well as large wrapped eggs containing a surprise toy (Super Egg). 

All products manufactured by Jean-Talon Chocolate are peanut-free and tree nut-free certified.

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